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Wireframe, mockup, prototype - By ALIENSCODES
Many beginner designers and clients often confuse when these words. Is the prototype the same thing as wireframe? And what is the mockup?

A wireframe is a <<blueprint>> of the future design. It’s a structure of a page/screen made with simple blocks. Without any graphics
It’s one of the UX design steps. You should place all text and elements in the proper way based on you UX research.

A mockup is a final version of the UI design. But there is one more meaning. Mockup is also a device or a place where you can put your design.

Note: Use term <<design mockup>> when you are talking about your UI design.

Designers and clients always confused about it. So, the prototype is not a wireframe. Prototype shows how the website/app works. like a simulation of a real product.
It could be animated or just build with InVision or Marvel app.

Note: Prototype is not a wireframe. Prototype shows how the design flow.

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